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N. Norley

Adriana is amazing! Took my old resume and turned it into gold, I was told it was the best formatted resume the employer had ever seen. Also had her do my cover letter and scored a dream job from it. Thanks so much. Highly recommended.

Success in 3 Steps


Athletes need coaches.
Leaders need mentors.
Sometimes, you need a little extra support to achieve success.
Don’t spend your time guessing and hoping for that job – invest in your success by getting the right support at Elite.

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a Plan

I pride myself on tailoring the right game plan for each client.
Sometimes your résumé needs a revamp, and sometimes a coaching session is needed to talk you through a job’s selection criteria.
Other times, we need to start from the very beginning and get back to basics.
At Elite, every client’s plan is unique, because you are.

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the Job

This is by far my favourite part!
It’s a beautiful moment when a client realises their own potential.
My job is to show you off and help you achieve your career goals.  But when you get there, remember that it was always in you – you just needed a little Elite magic.

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I’m here for you.

Elite Résumé Services is a boutique career consulting service. We help you put your best foot forward, and with nine years’ experience, we know just how to showcase your true potential.

The Elite Story


Our job is to eliminate the guesswork so that you can be seen sooner by your future employer.

That’s why Elite is a premium service – we know getting the job is more than just your résumé or paper qualifications.

You are on show from the minute you apply; from your email address (hint: is not a good start) to your phone mannerism and Social Media profiles, you need to shine from the very start.

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