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If you’re ready to make leaps in your career, whether it be chasing a promotion or stepping onto an entirely new career path, then you need Elite Resume Services.

In the fiercely competitive employment market, candidates with incredible skills or experience are often overlooked because their resumes don’t even get them in front of a hiring manager.

Enter Elite Resume Services.

We eliminate the guesswork, and create compelling, articulate documents that grab the reader’s attention and get you seen sooner by your future employer.

After all, we both want the same thing in the end. Your success.

Success in 3 Steps


Athletes need coaches.
Leaders need mentors.
Sometimes, we all need a little extra support to achieve success.

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a Plan

I pride myself on tailoring the right game plan for each client. At Elite, every client’s plan is unique, because you are.


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the Job

This is by far my favourite part!
My job is to show you off and help you achieve your career goals.  But when you get there, remember that it was always in you – you just needed a little Elite magic.

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I’m here for you.

I’ve recruited hundreds, if not thousands of positions throughout my corporate career, and I know just how to showcase your true potential.

The Elite Story

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Even before the massive shift brought on by Covid-19 and social distancing protocols, video interviewing has been on the rise. Depending on which survey you believe, up to 60% of Australian businesses now use platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts at some stage of their hiring practices. Not only is video interviewing often […]

From Service Record to Civilian Resume

Transitioning to a civilian lifestyle and career can be a steep learning curve, and often the first step is the hardest. So how do you get things started?

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How to Write Your Teen’s First Resume Do you have a teen who’s about to apply for their first job? They’re probably feeling excited at the prospect of earning their own money, being a bit more independent, and making new friends. But first thing’s first: if they want to get a job, they’ll need a […]

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